Friday, 20 October 2017

should children get pocket money

this is my exposition writing.we were writing about wether children should get money or not.


My Goals: 3 areas that I need to work on to improve my Exposition writing (from the rubric)
  1. Try not to repaet my idears.
2. Try not match more of my writing with the reason i am writing.
3. My idears need to flow together.

Tuesday 5th September

Should childern get pocket money for doing chors?

Planning: My reasons, why I agree or disagree ( you will pick only 3)
I strongly agree because you can save the money that your parents give you so that you can go to collage how you can ern this money is you can work for it you can put on a garage sale and give away stuff that you dont use anymore.
Secondly i agree because when your grow up you can pay to get a car and rent a house with the money that your parents put in to your accont also when your grow up you can pay for food for your children.
Thidly i agree because you can be your parents and give your childern money so that they can by their stationary and uniform and they can aford their lunch.

Title of your exposition
Should children get pocket money for doing choures?
-Start with a Rhetorical Question
-state your opinion
-give your 3 reasons why you think this
Have your ever wonder why children get pocket money?
I agree because firstly they can save the money for collage when their older. Secondly i agree because each time they get pocket  money children can save their money for next time the get pocket money. Thirdly when you grow up your can lear the valu of money so that when the become adoults they can save it into their bank acconts.
Point 1
Expand on your first reason. Why do you think this? Why is it important?

Point 2
Expand on your second reason.

Point 3
Expand on your third reason.

Restate your opinion and why
You might recommend something for the reader to do or think. Why should they think the same as you?

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  1. Hi Francis,
    Your persuasive text for “Should kids get pocket money from chores?” is really descriptive. A thing you should work on is your spelling. But other wise you did a good job.


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